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Scientific Computing Online: IPython Notebook, Shiny (R) and ILNumerics

It seems that we’re facing a trend at the moment: scientific computing, math and visualization software for web browsers. With our interactive web examples we have taken a step into that direction, too: Visitors of our website can change the … Continue reading

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Intel vectorizes for OpenCL with LLVM

OpenCL support in ILNumerics is one of the most challenging items on our (internal) wishlist, still. The current OpenCL SDK from Intel does auto vectorization[1][2] and is based on the LLVM compiler suite. A pretty interesting approach. I must take … Continue reading

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Microsoft.Numerics, Cloud Numerics for Azure – a short Review

Today I found some time to take a look at the Cloud Numerics project at Microsoft. I started with the overview/ introduction post by Ronnie Hoogerwerf found at the Cloud Numerics blog at msdn. The project aims at computations on … Continue reading

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