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MachineParameterDouble Fields

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The MachineParameterDouble type exposes the following members.


Public fieldeps
Distance between the smallest number > 1.0, distinguishable from 1.0 and 1.0
Public fieldepsneg
Alternative eps. ibeta negep
Public fieldibeta
Public fieldiexp
Number of exponent bits
Public fieldirnd
Rounding and underflow information.
Public fieldit
Number of base digits(bits) in the mantissa
Public fieldmachep
Exponent of the smalles number ibeta^machep > 1.0
Public fieldmaxexp
Smallest power of ibeta where overflow occours
Public fieldminexp
Smallest power of ibeta without leading zeros in the mantissa
Public fieldnegep
Exponent of smallest number ibeta^negep wich may be substracted from 1.0, giving a result not equal to 1.0
Public fieldngrd
Number of guard digits in the product of 2 mantissas
Public fieldxmax
Largest floating point number
Public fieldxmin
Smallest floating point number
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