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ILMathvecT Method (T, T)

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Note: This API is now obsolete.

Creates vector of evenly spaced values over a closed interval, elements of type T.

[ILNumerics Computing Engine]

Namespace:  ILNumerics
Assembly:  ILNumerics.Computing (in ILNumerics.Computing.dll) Version: (5.5.7503.3146)

[ObsoleteAttribute("Use arange() instead!")]
public static RetArray<T> vec<T>(
	T start,
	T end
where T : IConvertible


Type: T
Start value, inclusive.
Type: T
End value, inclusive.

Type Parameters


Return Value

Type: RetArrayT
Vector with n equally spaced elements from start to end, all with interval 1.

ArgumentException if start>end, if T is not a supported numeric value type, if start or end is not scalar, is null or is not of a supported numeric, convertible element type.

The last element of the returned vector is less than or equal to end.

vec``1(UMP, UMP) can not create empty vectors! Use empty``1(Int64, Int64, StorageOrders), zeros``1(Int64, Int64, StorageOrders), array``1(UMP, Int64, StorageOrders) or the like to create empty arrays.

This function is provided for compatibility with older versions only. Use arange``2(UMP, UMP, UMP) instead!

[ILNumerics Computing Engine]

See Also


MathInternal.counter``1(UMP, UMP, Int64, Int64, StorageOrders)
MathInternal.arange``2(UMP, UMP, UMP)
MathInternal.vector``1(UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP)
MathInternal.linspace``1(InArrayUMP, InArrayUMP, InArrayUMP)