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Controls the way nd-arrays work. Affects the shape of arrays, the default storage order and the handling of subarray / indexing expressions. Thread static. Default: ILNumericsV4.

[ILNumerics Core Module]

Namespace:  ILNumerics
Assembly:  ILNumerics.Core (in ILNumerics.Core.dll) Version: (5.5.7503.3146)

public static ArrayStyles ArrayStyle { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: ArrayStyles

This settings controls the way arrays work. Valid options are ILNumericsV4 and numpy.

This affects the number and shape of vectors and scalars, of arrays returned from subarray expressions / indexing, the handling of unspecified trailing dimensions in indexing expressions, the default storage order and others.

The default value is ILNumericsV4. It corresponds to the ILNumerics version 4, Matlab(R), octave and Julia systems. The setting of numpy corresponds to numpys ndarrays. See /array-styles_v5.html for a comprehensive list of aspects affected by this setting.

Other settings which directly derive their value from the value of ArrayStyle are: DefaultStorageOrder and MinNumberOfArrayDimensions.

This setting is controlled on a thread level! Modifications affect the current thread only and do not change the behavior in other threads! This enables one to safely switch between individual styles in multithreaded algorithms.

New threads are initialized with a value for ArrayStyle according to DefaultArrayStyle.

In order to set ArrayStyle to numpy a valid license for the ILNumerics.numpy module is required.

[ILNumerics Core Module]

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