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SettingsHDF5DefaultStringEncoding Property

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Gets or sets the default string encoding for newly created HDF5 objects. Default: UTF8.

[ILNumerics Core Module]

Namespace:  ILNumerics
Assembly:  ILNumerics.Core (in ILNumerics.Core.dll) Version: (5.5.7503.3146)

public static StringEncoding HDF5DefaultStringEncoding { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: StringEncoding

Currently, strings in HDF5 support two encodings: UTF8 and ASCII. While in HDF5 ASCII encoding is the default ILNumerics uses UTF8 as default(!)

This settings affects object names like datasets, attributes and link names only at creation time. For existing objects the encoding is stored with the object and automatically retrieved by ILNumerics. Once an object was created the encoding for its name cannot be changed anymore.

[ILNumerics Core Module]

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