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ILNumerics 3.2 – new AnyCPU target support

We're happy to announce version 3.2 of ILNumerics! The latest version of our library brings major improvements in terms of platform support: Our new AnyCPU support allows you to target platforms for both 32 and 64 bit without having to exchange native DLLs manually! It also solves several problems that were caused by the previous assembly naming scheme. There will be only one single DLL from now on: ILNumerics.dll

Learn more about the new AnyCPU support in ILNumerics in our blog post.

The most convenient way to incorporate ILNumerics as multi-platform target is using NuGet packages. You will notice that the old NuGet packages ILNumerics.32Bit and ILNumerics.64Bit are deprecated; ILNumerics is now split into one completely managed main package 'ILNumerics' and the new 'ILNumerics.Native' package.

The main package is all what is needed e.g. for the visualization part. Special functions of ILNumerics Core (namely FFT and most LAPACK functions) are supported by the ILNumerics.Native package. NuGet does all the dependency resolution for you automatically: Thus we expect a much smoother update experience for the future.

The Source Code of the Community Edition is also available in our Download Section.

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