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Fun with HDF5, ILNumerics and Excel
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Looking for Beta Testers: HDF5 and Optimization

We are about to release two new toolboxes very soon. Help us improve our new products and become a beta tester!

ILNumerics Optimization Toolbox

The first version of the ILNumerics Optimization Toolbox provides non-linear unconstrained optimization and constrained optimization functions. We will gradually extend the range of functions.

Help us improve the API and the set of feature and become a beta tester of the ILNumerics Optimization Toolbox. Send us an email to beta@ilnumerics.net, and we will send you the binaries immediately.

Find the documentation here:


HDF5 Interface for ILNumerics

HDF5 is a way of storing structured data in files. ILNumerics will provide a high level interface to the HDF5 format, including efficient creation, retrieval and management of structured data as well as the management of metadata attached to it.

Help us making HDF5 in .NET a joyful experience and become a beta tester. Send us an email to beta@ilnumerics.net – we will send you a download link to the HDF5-beta-package.

The documentation can be found here:



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