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Who uses ILNumerics?







“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said: faster horses.”   Henry Ford

ILNumerics – The Productivity Machine

ILNumerics is a new, highly efficient approach to bring numerical algorithms and interactive visualizations directly into .NET applications.

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Algorithms for Enterprise

Need to transform Matlab algorithms into deployable, stable and fast production code? ILNumerics Computing Engine offers the same syntax - but is faster and ready to go live.

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Meaningful Visualizations

ILNumerics Visualization Engine not only allows you to integrate most scientific plots but even fully featured custom 2D and 3D interactive visualizations - it's all at your fingertips!

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Professional Data Interfaces

Access professional data in a new and convenient, yet efficient way: ILNumerics comes with an object oriented interface for HDF5 and serves many other data sources.

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Gone Parallel for Applications

Since a decade companies struggle to adapt the paradigm change in computer architecture. ILNumerics Computing Engine is the first feasible answer to the popular parallel programming challenge.

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Richer Applications with Ease

ILNumerics allows you to quickly handle lots of data in a very easy manner. Add fast computing modules to enterprise software! Impress your customers with convincing interactive visualizations!

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Focus on the Math!

With ILNumerics engineers stay within their core expertise and domain. Its familiar math syntax allows you to handle the algorithm complexity in one single API and removes the need for error prone native languages.       Read More

Who uses ILNumerics?

Since 2006 ILNumerics evolved to the most powerful math tool for .NET. Our core technology has been tested by more than 15.000 developers worldwide and today accelerates over 2.000 projects. Our customers are leading innovators in academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

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These companies already save 20% ... 50% development efforts with ILNumerics.

High Performance and Productivity and Reliability 

ILNumerics extends the .NET framework by all objects and tools needed for scientific computing. It turns your favorite IDE into a powerful

numerical algorithm development environment and C# into a 1st class mathematical language.


  C/C++ Matlab® Builder NE  Plain .NET .NET & ILNumerics
Rapid Development No Yes No Yes
High Performance Yes No  No Yes
Math Syntax No Yes No Yes
Enterprise Ready[1] Yes No Yes Yes
Easily Maintainable[2] No No Yes Yes
AnyCPU Support[3] No No Yes Yes
Typesafe Stability No No Yes Yes

[1] Does the language provide access to a rich framework for GUI-, data and networking layer- and QA functionalities? 

[2] Is support for large projects, team collaboration, version control systems, unit and integration testing, packaging and deployment available? Is the language easy and expressive and introduces no technology breaks for maintenance?

[3] .NET allows to build once and run the results on x86 and x64 platforms without recompilation.

Some Advantages of ILNumerics


 More Reasons Why

  • High productivity: It lets you deploy demanding algorithms and interactive visualizations in a fraction of time needed otherwise.
  • Excellent performance: ILNumerics catches up with native C libraries - no other managed environment does!
  • Built-in visualization: professional interactive 3D scene graphs and scientific plotting based on modern technologies.
  • Unique innovative graphical debugging tools right within Visual Studio help you keep the overview - even for bigdata and analytics.
  • Intelligent n-dimensional generic arrays bring smart expressive algorithm syntax, similar to MATLAB, Octave & Co.
  • Large collection of optimized, parallelized elementary functions, linear algebra, FFT, sorting, statistics, ...
  • Intel MKL included: processor optimized basic functions for highest performance available today.
  • Toolboxes for machine learning, optimization and statistics.
  • No need for any 3rd party runtime - ILNumerics uses standard .NET technology only.
  • Extensible and well prepared for even largest projects: profit from professional software development schemes.
  • Straightforward transition from existing MATLAB or Octave algorithms.
  • Compatibility: compile once - deploy everywhere: AnyCPU support out of the box.
  • Rich Framework: .NET is strong in Enterprise, preinstalled on all Windows®, most Linux systems and growing fast on mobiles.
  • Write your algorithm in any .NET language today - and profit from automatic parallelization tomorrow!



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