Simple, Clear, All-in-One: Math Library for .NET 

ILNumerics is a high performance math library for programmers and scientists. Extending the .NET framework with tools needed for scientific computing, it simplifies the implementation of all kinds of numerical algorithms in convenient, familiar mathematical syntax – optimized to the speed of C and FORTRAN. 


ILNumerics: Numeric Computing for Industry 

FFT, 3D Plots and Visualization, n-dimensional Arrays, LAPACKMachine Learning and Statistics: ILNumerics makes light work of implementation of numerical algorithms into enterprise software projects. Today, our math library is used in nearly every industrial sector.


What our users say…

"The improvement in performance and capability that we have observed as we used ILNumerics over the last year in our project under development has been astonishing." (Zeeko Ltd.)

"The visualization graphics engine is thoughtful, flexible, and well-factored." (Scott Hanselman)

"The library is well designed, brings high-performance and the memory management is amazing." (Technical University Braunschweig)


Learn more about ILNumerics' approach to "Numeric Computing for Industry" by reading our White Paper!

Numerical Computing for Enterprises

Developers and Scientists must often choose between convenient expressive syntax and reasonable execution speed. Today's mature application frameworks have the potential of bringing together these two. ILNumerics extends the .NET-framework with the objects and tools needed for scientific computing. It turns your favorite IDE into a powerful numerical algorithm development environment and C# into a 1st class mathematical language.


ILNumerics, C# and .NET: Modern Tools for numerical Algorithms

Using a managed general purpose language like C# for algorithm development brings many advantages: programmers have direct access to the rich feature set of the .NET and the mono frameworks, a whole tool belt of professionial utilities is available: modern debuggers, profilers, IDEs.

Resulting programs run on all major platforms out of the box. Deployment, maintainance, handling of large projects – established software development principles now immediately apply to your numerical algorithms as well.


Scene Graph API and Plotting Tools: 3D Visualizations for .NET

Most technical applications eventually utilize some kind of graphical user interface. ILNumerics allows the creation of complex 2d and 3d Visualizations in the .NET framework with unique simplicity and performance.

It is being used for the integration of scientific 2d and 3d Plots and for sophisticated custom visualizations. A convenient Scene Graph API realizes full interactivity and the abstraction of arbitrary scenes for many rendering targets like OpenGL, SVG and GDI+.


High Performance with C#: Catch up with modern Software Devs

Benefits continue when it comes to performance: thousands of enterprise projects prove the .NET CLR to be one of the most mature managed environments nowadays. With its generational garbage collector (GC) and options for low level memory control the CLR offers far better performance than other popular computing frameworks.

ILNumerics abstracts away the nasty platform specific details one must keep in mind for C++ & Co. It automatically parallelizes your algorithms. A transparent memory management makes sure that the GC is not stressed at all. ILNumerics execution times are comparable to optimized C/C++ algorithms, nevertheless offering the much higher syntactic convenience of C#.

Our Partners

ILNumerics is funded by the german Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology.