Product Overview: ILNumerics Ultimate VS

Since 2006 ILNumerics provides innovative solutions to scientists and engineers. Based on the experience and feedback from thousands of technical applications built with ILNumerics we created ILNumerics Ultimate VS. It paves the way for the future of scientific computing.

Computing Engine

Implement sophisticated mathematical algorithms into fast and stable production code. ILNumerics' Computing Engine turns .NET into a first class scientific computing environment (more…)



Convenient Array SyntaxAutomatic Parallelization for multiple Cores

Simply Richer User InterfacesVisualizing Arrays in Different Ways


Visualization Engine

With data becoming more and more complex our Visualization Engine maintains the overview. Visualize up to 5 dimensions naturally, object oriented, fast and with a fraction of code. (more…)

Development Tools

We found it strange that today the most demanding applications were  still developed with tools from the last century. ILNumerics speeds up the whole SW development chain and saves you time and money. (more...)




Architecture of an ILNumerics ApplicationSeamless Visual Studio (R) Integration


The ILNumerics Ecosystem

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