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ILMathzerosT Method (Int64, StorageOrders)

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Creates a square matrix of 0-valued elements.

[ILNumerics Computing Engine]

Namespace:  ILNumerics
Assembly:  ILNumerics.Computing (in ILNumerics.Computing.dll) Version: (5.5.7503.3146)

public static RetArray<T> zeros<T>(
	long rows_columns,
	StorageOrders order = StorageOrders.ColumnMajor


Type: SystemInt64
Length of dimension #0 and dimension #1 (the number of rows and columns).
order (Optional)
Type: ILNumericsStorageOrders
[Optional] The storage order for the new array. Default: ColumnMajor.

Type Parameters

Element type.

Return Value

Type: RetArrayT
New ILNumerics array initialized with default(T).

This creates a square matrix with the same number of rows and columns. The elements are ordered in ColumnMajor order.

This function always creates a matrix, hence the array returned will always have two dimensions. Use vector``1(UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP) or array``1(UMP, Int64, StorageOrders) for creating arrays with less than two dimension if your setting of ArrayStyle allows it.

[ILNumerics Computing Engine]

See Also


MathInternal.zeros``1(Int64, Int64, StorageOrders)
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MathInternal.vector``1(UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP, UMP)
MathInternal.ones``1(Int64, Int64, StorageOrders)
MathInternal.empty``1(Int64, Int64, StorageOrders)

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