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This is the ILNumerics Reference Documentation. It provides a comprehensive class reference for all common classes of ILNumerics. This class reference was built from the source documentation in an automated process. Step by step instructions and getting started guides are found in the ILNumerics online documentation.

The main ILNumerics namespace should be imported into your project. Most important types are the array types and the ILMath class, which contains the main computational functions. It is convenient to import the ILMath class ('using static ILNumerics.ILMath;'). Corresponding online documentation is found here: A getting started guide:
The Drawing namespace contains drawing and plotting classes. It is only needed, when working with visualizations in ILNumerics.
High level API for HDF5. Objects in this namespace are used to conveniently and efficiently create and manage HDF5 files with ILNumerics.