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Online Documentation

This documentation for ILNumerics gives detailed insight into all available modules. Users already familiar with the concepts of ILNumerics or similar mathematical frameworks may also find our tutorials section (online only) helpful. It contains several quick start charts, useful in order to get the whole picture really fast.

We recommend to make yourself familiar with the basic concept of the Computing Engine. This lesson will be very useful even if you are after 3D plots, only.

Computing Engine

Make sure to have read the Getting Started guide (online only), describing general setup, installation and license activation. A quick start guide to the Computing Engine is found in the tutorials section online. Which rules algorithm authors should follow is described in: General Usage. This is the key info required to start writing fast algorithms.


For more details: the documentation of the ILNumerics Computing Engine contains a comprehensive array tutorial, describing how to create, work with and configure your numerical objects.

Since version 5 ILNumerics is fully compatible to both: Matlab (Julia, octave, ...) and numpy arrays. Start here.

Higher level functionality is described in the linear algebra section, in the FFT and in individual toolbox sections.


Options on how to configure ILNumerics: configuration.

What is required for deploying your app:  deploying ilnumerics.


See also:

Visualization Engine

Learn how to create stunning charts, plots and arbitrary visualizations with ILNumerics Visualization Engine! Our tutorial section contains a quick start guide

The online manual starts with the scene graph API documentation. It allows you to create flexible fast 3D interactive visualizations right inside your Windows.Forms applications. More topics covered:  Shapes, Group Nodes, Labels, Mouse Events and Drivers Management.

The Plotting API documentation shows easy ways to integrate all kinds of sophisticated plotting types into your applications: Line PlotsScatter Plots, Surface Plots, Contour Plots and ImageSC plots. Advanced plotting is available as a Toolbox: bar plots, spline plot, fast surfaces, filled area plots and more...

Array Visualizer Manuals

You will find the articles following the general introduction useful. Language specific manuals are provided for C#, F#, Visual Basic, C/C++, and FORTRAN .

ILNumerics® I/O API

Learn how to import and export data with ILNumerics! ILNumerics Ultimate VS includes functions for reading and writing csv data and a convenient HDF5 interface.

Class API Reference

The complete class reference is found in the online class documentation.