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Live Debug Data Plotting in F#

ILNumerics Array Visualizer is an interactive, graphical debug tool for Visual Studio. During your debug session it connects to the Visual Studio debug engine and allows immediate insight into the data of your F# program. Arbitrary array data are plotted in various, interactive chart styles: as 1D and 2D line plots, scatter plots, bar plots, as 3D surface plots, and images. Easily describe the data via arbitrary expressions. Export data in a large number of external formats, including charts, HDF5 and Microsoft Excel. Follow your data with each debug step to quickly find bugs in the algorithm.

Quick Start

1. During your Visual Studio debug session go to VIEW -> Other Windows -> Array Visualizer.

2. Enter your expression into the textbox of the Array Visualizer Window.

3. Select the output type from the list of available 2D and 3D plots.

ILNumerics Array Visualizer HowTo in three Steps

Plotting Array Expressions in F#

This documentation is work in progress. The functionality is readily available in ILNumerics Ultimate VS 4.11. The capabilities of the Array Visualizer match up with the C# options very closely. Therefore, consult the C# Array Visualizer tutorial in order to learn more details. Make sure to bookmark this page and come back in a while to read all details about F# array visualization also ...


Read more about array descriptors in the array descriptor tutorial (mixed languages). General Array Visualizer documentation is found here.