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Privacy Policy

ILNumerics GmbH

Schönhauser Allee 163, 10435 Berlin, Germany

– hereinafter referred to as “ILNumerics” –

Tel: 49 30 5557 9793   Fax: 49 30 1388 1022


This Privacy Policy declares how ILNumerics handles data of interested persons and users of ILNumerics products and services - both hereinafter referred to as “Customer”- when the Customer contacts the ILNumerics website - hereinafter referred to as “Site”- or engage with ILNumerics products or services - hereinafter referred to as “Services”.

It also refers to information concerning persons and users whose personal data ILNumerics may process in connection with Services provided by third parties and with individuals applying to work with ILNumerics.

This Privacy Policy also informs the Customer of his rights in respect to ILNumerics processing of Customers personal data.

1. Data to be collected by ILNumerics

ILNumerics collects personal data of Customer if the Customer uses Site, contacts ILNumerics, requests information or uses ILNumerics Services.

Collecting personal data by ILNumerics especially comprises: the name, address, phone number, email address and other contact information. For enabling the use of Services activation data associated with the computer(s) where Customer is intending to use Services on is collected (machine or user IDs, IP address, license key).

ILNumerics may also process personal data in relation to third parties supporting ILNumerics in providing Services.

2. ILNumerics use of personal data

Performance of Service

ILNumerics collects and maintains personal data which the Customer is -voluntarily or based on law - placing at ILNumerics disposal to enable ILNumerics to offer and perform Services to/for Customer.

ILNumerics shall retain relevant personal data until the end of the last interaction with the Customer and then ILNumerics shall delete the relevant personal data immediately as soon as possible and without further notice. However exceptions of deletions shall be made with regard to legal obligations.

ILNumerics is using the personal data of Customer to offer information, to negotiate and perform contracts as well as to comply with obligations of competent law.

ILNumerics is using personal data of Customer, especially concerning name, company name, addresses, phone number, fax number, Email address, date and time of interaction with ILNumerics servers, identification data as IP addresses, passwords or license keys for the performance of contracts with Customer and for the improvement and amelioration of ILNumerics offers.

The Email- and IP address, license-, hardware- or user ID are used to identify Customer for login to the online account, for activating a developer seat for utilization of ILNumerics Services, for providing important contract related information to Customer, for offering update notifications, for enabling the functioning of the ILNumerics online shop and for security related features as protection against unauthorized use of Customer account or Services.

From time to time ILNumerics may inform Customer about important technical changes related to Services, as when new technical versions  become available (update notifications ).

In some cases and as far as Services are integrated into Customer IDEs (“Integrated Development Environment”, i.e.: development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio®) those notifications are performed by requesting the information from within the IDE by contacting ILNumerics servers. Data acquired hereby are anonymized and aggregated by ILNumerics and used for internal purposes only (IP address for marketing evaluations, usage statistics regarding versions of Services in use and where). No link to Customers personal data is established. Customer may controls whether or not notifications are enabled in the Service configuration.  

External events of interaction with ILNumerics servers are logged to comply with legal obligations, to ensure correct functioning of ILNumerics servers, to gather usage statistics for marketing and for the optimization and securing of Services. Related data acquired during the interaction are deleted after 1 Year, if legal prescriptions do not require an earlier date.  

With regard to ILNumerics newsletter personal data of Customer shall be collected, stored and managed by The Rocket Science Group LLC ( as the operator of the newsletter, but only if the Customer desires receiving ILNumerics newsletter (double Opt-In). Customer may remove the receipt of the newsletter at any time. A corresponding link is provided at the end of each newsletter (1- click removal).

Telemetry / Usage Statistics ('Personal' accounts only)

Depending on the contract and the Customer’s account type with ILNumerics some Services are offered by ILNumerics via online service (cloud service). In this case the utilization of ILNumerics may lead to the acquisition and use of additional data (telemetry data) by ILNumerics for the purpose of improving the quality of ILNumerics products and services based on actual utilization statistics. Such data are acquired, transmitted, stored and used on ILNumerics side for Personal accounts only and in a strictly anonymized form, aggregated and without establishing a link to Customer. Such data comprise runtime statistics and compile time statistics:

Runtime statistics data comprise such data enabling ILNumerics to improve stability and compatibility on new hardware, to gain insight into the importance ranking individual parts of ILNumerics´ Services have to their users. This data may comprise the names of ILNumerics functions called by Customer’s software, the number of calls, aggregated sizes and types of call parameters, aggregated resource utilization data, and details of error messages such as stack traces. In no case are values (content) of the Customer data are tracked, read, monitored or stored by ILNumerics. ILNumerics stores runtime statistics data in aggregated and averaged form only, except if customer provides such data to ILNumerics and agrees to the utilization by ILNumerics, as is required in order to receive individual support and/or consulting services.

When compilation happens on ILNumerics cloud servers ILNumerics servers may evaluate Customer code regarding optimization potential and compute aggregated compile time statistics thereof. This data is used to improve the quality, efficiency and relevance of Services (for example: ILNumerics compilers) or to learn about popular algorithmic patterns and to optimize such patterns in future versions, for example to offer better execution speed and to improve compatibility on new hardware.

Both, runtime- and compile time statistics are acquired and used only if Customer has registered for account type “Personal”. Such data are neither acquired nor used by ILNumerics for account types “Academia” or “Corporate”. “Personal” Customers may at any time revoke the consent for the use of telemetry data in which case Customer may continue using ILNumerics Services and/or products based on another account type, such as Academia or Corporate, where applicable. See the ILNumerics EULA ( to learn about the individual account types ILNumerics is offering.

ILNumerics Accelerator

Some compilation services are provided via ILNumerics cloud computers. Therefore, the compilation comprises two parts: a client part and a server part. The client part runs on the users (build) machine. It identifies and selects small algorithmic chunks (segments) from the users code file during compilation. Segments contain and allow to identify the ILNumerics array functions they are derived from. Specifically, they do not contain whole or partial code files, user functions, comments from user code, or such code, not corresponding to ILNumerics array functions. Segments are send to the compiler service (server part) and compiled segments are send back to the client part. Data send to ILNumerics servers comprise the segment information (number and type of ILNumerics array functions addressed), the license key of the user, the current timestamp, the machine key, IP address and versioning information about the ILNumerics version installed, the version and type of the .NET framework targeted, the language and language version of the code used ( for example: “C# 8.0" ). In some cases compilation may happen at compile time only. Or compilation services are used at compile time and at runtime (JIT compilation).

Data related to the ILNumerics Website

ILNumerics may use cookies, log files and similar technologies to collect personal data from Customer when accessing the Site. This includes the following data:

  • The IP address to monitor traffic, -volume and to understand where ILNumerics users come from.
  • A session ID to track usage statistic and to enable essential functionality on the Site (account login).

ILNumerics web pages may use or store “pixel tags” (“Tags”) on Customer computer. Tags allow ILNumerics to improve its Services and products, for example by tracking the receipt of an email to Customer, by counting users that have visited a web page or opened an email and by collecting other types of aggregated information for statistical purposes. This information enables ILNumerics to measure the effectiveness of ILNumerics content, to rank the relevance of individual parts of the content, and to monitor the availability of content for the ILNumerics Site and Services.

In some of its communication messages ILNumerics uses a “click-through URL” linked to a certain website administered by ILNumerics or on its behalf (so called: “landing pages”). Customer clicking on such a link allows ILNumerics to track the receipt of an email and to measure users interest in certain topics related to Services.

Customer can disable cookies by configuring the tools (mostly: browser) used to access Site. Commonly, respective configuration options offered by all major browser tools can be used. However, some functionality of Site may not function properly without cookies, for example the account login and online activation of developer seats.

ILNumerics shall share the personal data with:

-Government or regulatory authorities as well as tax authorities and corporate registries, professional advisors such as accountants and the like.

-Third parties to whom ILNumerics shall outsource certain services like e.g. document processing, IT infrastructure providers, IT support service providers, document and information storage providers, service providers to assist ILNumerics with Customer insight analysis, such as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

The ILNumerics website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Ireland Ltd. (Google). Analytics allows assigning data, sessions and interactions to a pseudonymous user ID. This ID is based on- but comprises less information than the IP address. It is used to locate the geographical region of Customer computer without allowing personal identification, and is not merged with other data by Google. Website usage data may be transferred and stored on Google servers in the USA under the EU-US Privacy Shield and on the basis of the European Commission's adequacy decision (certificate: ). However, anonymization and creation of the pseudonymous user ID happens before leaving the European Economic Area. Google “Universal Analytics” can be used to analyse Customer activities across devices. For more information on terms of use and data protection visit: or

Google uses this information to evaluate the use of the website, to generate activity reports and to provide ILNumerics with other services related to the ILNumerics website. Any data sent to Google which are not aggregated or otherwise made non-traceable are deleted automatically after 14 months. Data whose retention period has been reached is deleted once a month automatically. In order to revoke consent of Analytics use Customer may block the storage of cookies in the configuration of the Customer browser. Alternatively, Customer may download and install a browser plug-in from here: Also, if this text is read on the ILNumerics website (instead offline as PDF) Customer may use following link in order to set an Opt-Out cookie on each device, preventing future collection of data when visiting this website Google Analytics Opt-out

 on this browser and on this domain. More details are found on the Google Privacy & Terms web page:

Third Parties, Cookies and Data

ILNumerics and its partners use technology such as cookies or pixels on the Site to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic across devices and platforms. ILNumerics allows its partners to integrate with the Site, to collect information provided by Customers browser (IP address, page address, browser type, tracking cookies and others). All information is typically anonymized and used to present such ads, expected to be relevant or interesting to Customer (retargeting, personalization) based on webpages and content Customer visits.

From the following list Customer can learn how to contact the third party service vendor, about the details of information processing (privacy statements) by the partner and about the options on how to opt-out from the processing of Customer data.


AdRoll, 972 Mission St, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA:  




CarbonAds by BuySellAds, P.O. Box 55071 #30027 Boston, MA 02205-5071


Opt-Out: (disable cookies in your browser)

Data related to Payments

In case of payment via bank transfer parts of personal data of Customer are regularly stored and used by the respective banks of Customer and ILNumerics. This data comprises the name and number of the account holder and custom information provided by Customer during the payment process. ILNumerics does not store or use this data except as necessary for the verification of a payment state, for the settlement of a chargeback and for general accounting.

In case of payment via credit card such personal data of Customer required to initiate and complete a payment (comprising the credit card number, - validity, additional security related data) are only provided to the processor of the credit card transaction by Customer during the payment process and are not known to ILNumerics. If Customer has agreed to automatic recurring license renewals ILNumerics is provided a unique identifier which is stored on ILNumerics servers and used for subsequent payments and to identify Customers records with the payment processor. In case of questions regarding the use of payment related data Customer may get in contact with the processor directly:

Stripe, Inc. 354 Oyster Point Boulevard South San Francisco, California, 94080, USA,

ILNumerics shall appoint subcontractor data processors as required to deliver the Service such as document processing and the like as mentioned above. The subcontractors shall ensure to ILNumerics by contractual obligations that they process personal data responsible and in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations.

ILNumerics shall observe the obligations of EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU DSVGO) and Federal Data Protection (Germany – BDSG).

In case the Customer shall be domiciled outside the European Union (EU) ILNumerics shall transfer personal data to the Customer as desired by the Customer and as possible for ILNumerics. But, as far as legally admissible, ILNumerics shall not be liable to Customer or others to observe regulations of Governmental or regulatory authorities domiciled outside EU.

3 . Access of Customer to personal information hold by ILNumerics and other rights of the Customer

On Customers requirement ILNumerics shall confirm to process the   respective personal data to the Customer. ILNumerics shall charge required additional copy/copies with a reasonable fee.

The Customer shall be entitled to have rectified as soon as possible personal data maintained by ILNumerics, if it is inaccurate or incomplete. If in such cases ILNumerics has shared the information with others, then ILNumerics shall notify the others about the rectification where possible.

Customer has the right to

- request erasure of his personal data

- restrict processing of his personal data

- object to the transfer of Customer data to third parties

- withdraw consent to such use of his data which is not required for the performance of a contract or for the provision of Services.

- complain to the supervisory authority. Complains can be directed to: or by phone: +49 30 13889-406.

The rights mentioned above may be limited if and as far ILNumerics has overriding interest or the legal obligation to continue to process the data.

4. Collection of information by third-party sites

The Site contains links to other sites whose information practices may be different to policies of ILNumerics. ILNumerics has no control over information that is submitted to or collected by such third parties.

5. Changes to this Privacy Policy

ILNumerics shall be entitled to change from time to time this Privacy Policy to update it according to changes of ILNumerics use of Customers personal data or according to changes of applicable law or regulatory authorities.

Customer is responsible to review the Privacy Policy from time to time to stay informed about ILNumerics use of Customers personal data.

Version October 2022 (added ILNumerics Accelerator, updated Stripe address)