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Licensing and Pricing

ILNumerics is regularly licensed to both: single developers in SMOs and large teams in all industries. Our licensing is designed to support both situations. Commercial projects profit from Maintenance Subscription and a mature and stable code base. For learning purposes we provide discounted licenses.


Software Options

ILNumerics offers two main software packages: The Computing Engine and the Visualization Engine. Both are enhanced by several toolboxes.

Computing Engine (.NET)

The Computing Engine is based on our efficient n-dimensional array classes. It is best suited for authoring algorithms in Matlab® style. The numpy package adds numpy compatibility (NdArray features). The respective language semantic is directly available to your C# and VB code in .NET: array manipulation options, linear algebra functions, FFT, cell arrays and more. In order to facilitate implementation and debugging we added our popular Visual Studio Tools for free.

Visualization Engine (.NET)

The Visualization Engine comprises all basic plot and graph functionalities in 2D and 3D. This also includes writing interactive and fast GUI apps in .NET, based on OpenGL or GDI+. To support you during development and debugging you will also have access to our popular Visual Studio Tools and to basic array features for free. For convenient data preprocessing and maintenance the Computing Engine is recommended, too.

Toolboxes (.NET)

Several toolboxes are available as addition to the base functionality of both engines. Choose from the following: Interpolation, Optimization, Machine Learning, HDF5, Statistics, or Drawing Extensions - for even more and specialized features. 

Array Visualizer (C, C++, .NET, Fortran)

Users of either one: the Computing Engine or the Visualization Engine get access to our famous Visual Studio Tools for free. But even if you still work without ILNumerics you can make use of the Array Visualizer to help visualizing data from your C#, Visual Basic, F#, Fortran (ifort) or native C/C++ arrays. The Visual Studio extension can now be licensed separately.

License model

Since ILNumerics came to light in 2007 it helps the following users: 

  • Personal: utilization is strictly for learning, non-commercial, non-profit use. ILNumerics is used by a private individual, without being instructed by or associated with a commercial entity, like a company, business unit or organization. Students often fall into this category.
  • Academia: utilization of ILNumerics is strictly for learning or teaching and for non-commercial, non-profit use. Such customers are using ILNumerics as employees of an academic organization, such as universities, public and certified private schools.
  • Corporate: any other person or business entity.

The user category determins available usage options and conditions and the price. If you are unsure, which category you or your intended use of ILNumerics fits into, please ask our sales team:!

Maintenance Subscription

All common licenses include a Maintenance Subscription: for one year our support team will provide you with all updates. Corporate users have access to our support services. While under maintenance you can develop as many projects as you want. When the maintenance expires Corporate users still have perpetual and royalty-free execution and redistribution rights. That means, even after your subscription ran out you can keep compiling your (unchanged) code, run and distribute your programs without further fees. It is mainly the development - the authoring of code - where ILNumerics saves huge efforts, so we charge for development use only. Hence, a renewal will only be required in order to perform changes to your code. 

Personal users can utilize ILNumerics for the full timespan of the license for development and execution on the developer seat.

Telemetry & Usage Statistics

ILNumerics is a true time and money saver for professional development teams. It is been developed and improved for more than 10 years - partly by help of a large open source community. We appreciate this support and want to enable use of ILNumerics even for non-commercial projects and individuals - to drastically discounted prices! In return we ask Personal users to provide us with usage statistics so we can prioritize our optimization efforts. Academia users can opt-out of the telemetry program. No data is collected / transferred for Corporate users. All details are found in our privacy statement

Single Developer Seat Prices & Editions

  Corporate Academia Personal
Computing Engine 99,00  EUR / Month1 96,00 EUR / Year6 48,00 EUR / Year6
Numpy Module2  89,00 EUR / Month1
Visualization Engine 99,00 EUR / Month1
Interpolation Toolbox2 79,00 EUR / Month1
Optimization Toolbox2 79,00 EUR / Month1
Statistical Toolbox2 59,00 EUR / Month1
Machine Learning Toolbox2 59,00 EUR / Month1
HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format)2 59,00 EUR / Month1
Drawing2 Plotting Extensions4  59,00 EUR / Month1
Visual Studio Tools3


Maintenance Subscription






   Development 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
   Execution perpetual 12 Months 12 Months
   Distribution perpetual 12 Months
   Online shop (credit card)      
   Offline (quote, wire transfer)  
Telemetry / Usage Statistics      
   Data collection   (opt out)5  5
   Data transmission   (opt out)5  5
Developer Seat Activation      
   Online (requires Internet access)      
   Activation time span 12 Months 12 Months 1 Month

1A subscription is purchased as a 12-months package. 2requires the ILNumerics Computing Engine. 3requires the ILNumerics Visualization Engine and/or the ILNumerics Computing Engine; includes Array Visualizer. 4requires the ILNumerics Visualization Engine. 5anonymized data collection, like number and count of functions called, memory sizes allocated / reclaimed; user code is optimized by ILNumerics cloud compilers. Read more in our Privacy statement. All licensing details: End User License Agreement (EULA). 6Price for all modules as a single licensed package. 

Perpetual Site License 

For existing enterprise customers and for whole development teams we offer site licenses and - optionally - perpetual development. Please contact us if you are interested in a site license:

Array Visualizer Licensing

The Array Visualizer as a stand-alone package is licensed per month. All languages are included


Array Visualizer (C#, Visual Basic, ILNumerics, C/C++, FORTRAN ifort, F#) 1

49,- EUR / Month
Maintenance Subscription




1A subscription is purchased as a 12-month package. Monthly packages are available only immediately after an initial 12-month period. Stand alone license: Visual Studio Extension only. For combined licenses see above.

Download the End User License Agreement (EULA).