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Licenses and Prices

ILNumerics modules are licensed per subscription on a Single Developer Seat. We charge for the time of development only: this is where ILNumerics efficiency brings most advantage. A subscription enables 12 Months of efficient development with ILNumerics. When the subscription ends you have 3 choices: renew your subscription, use your perpetual option (perpetual development with a specific version) or simply continue using your unchanged project code. Execution and distribution of your results is always free and unlimited in time and number. We provide you with updates and support.

License options and prices depend on your company size:


Companies 0 – 9 employees

from 499 €

per Developer Seat p.a.

Small Business

Companies 10 – 49 employees

from 998 €

per Developer Seat p.a.


Companies > 49 employees

from 1.273 €

per Developer Seat p.a.

1 Activation included

Each licenced seat can be activated on one computer OS account.

2 Activations included

Each licenced seat can be activated on two computer OS accounts (e.g. in the office and at home).

3 Activations included

Each licenced seat can be activated on three computer OS accounts (e.g. in the office, at home and on a mobile PC).

15% initial set-up discount!

Optional Support

299 € / support ticket

Support included

1 support ticket included; 

additional support: 299 € / ticket

Support included

2 support tickets included; 

additional support: 299 € / ticket

12 Months development included

Develop new software using your licenced ILNumerics modules for 1 year

Perpetual Execution and Distribution included

Execute software developed with your licenced ILNumerics modules as long as you want

Updates included for 1 year
Our Pricing: Main Modules price per licenced developer seat; licencing of one main module is mandatory
499 € 998 € 1.497 €  1.273 €
499 € 998 € 1.497 €  1.273 €
Our Pricing: Toolboxes price per module
Interpolation, Optimization, Drawing Extensions
299 € 598 € 897 €  763 €
HDF5, Machine Learning, Statistics
199 € 398 € 597 €  508 €

Optional Add-on: Perpetual Development Licence

Release the time limit for development for one version of ILNumerics; the version must be specified during your subscription purchase.

from 924 € from 1.847 € from 2.308 €

Renewal Option: 12 more months with ILNumerics

Renew your developer seat for only 60 % of the full price! You get another year of development and access to updates for the next 12 Months.

from 299 € from 599 € from 898 €

Read all terms and conditions in the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). 

Completely Free: The ILNumerics Array Visualizer Our popular Visual Studio® Extension, the ILNumerics® Array Visualizer, is the No.1 debugger extension for ad-hoc memory inspection and graphical variable visualization. Unseen debugging efficiency. For C#, VB, F#, C/C++, and FORTRAN projects. Visualize everything you have a reference for! 

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Calculate your Price

What is the size of your company? 
How many developers will work with ILNumerics?

Up to 40% large-team discount!

Team size (discount):

What's the deal with activations? 

1 activation = 1 computer OS account

Activations included:
Additional activation price: 1.795
For how long do you want to use the licenced version of ILNumerics for developing software?

12 Months or perpetual development (one version)? 

 Which modules do you want to license?

Prices include -15% initial set-up discount!
Computing 499
Visualization 499
Visual Studio Tools

incl. Array Visualizer

















Your Price per Single Developer Seat:

Price for all seats:  5.385
Renewal (optional, all seats, within 12 Months): 6.462

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Flexible License Management

Our online shop allows you to easily set up new seats and to manage your existing seats. You may add new modules and new activations, purchase support tickets or renewals. Our shop makes sure that you will be charged for what you really use only!

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Special Licenses and Discounts

Fair price policy: small business - small price

Orders include 3 or more activations per Single Developer Seat. Small companies below 50 employees may decrease the price and purchase smaller packages online.

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Personal Single Developer Seat 

For non-commercialprivate use on one single computer. For one year, all modules of ILNumerics can be used by a private individual, without being instructed by or associated with a commercial organization. Favorite choice for students!

48,00 EUR / Year, online purchase. Including updates, no support. 1 activation on a single computer. 

Development/ execution/ distribution: 12M / 12M / --.

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Academic Licenses 

For learning and teaching, non-commercial, and non-profit use. Employees of an academic organization, such as universities, public and certified private schools can participate in our academic program.

1 activation, all modules: 100,00 EUR / Year. Including updates and optional support tickets (300,- EUR each).

Development/ execution/ distribution: 12M / 12M / 12M.

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Large Team Discounts 

Up from 3 identical developer seats prices go down! The discount is applied automatically during online purchase.

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Discounts may not be combined. Download the End User License Agreement (EULA), our General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

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