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ILNumerics - Technical Computing

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Computing and Visualization in Industry and Science



ILNumerics provides the following places of support:


For users already familiar with the concepts of ILNumerics or similar mathematical frameworks, a Getting Started Section is provided. It contains several quick start charts, useful in order to get the whole picture real fast.

The Computing Engine manual starts with the array tutorial. General Usage rules describe how to write computational functions in ILNumerics properly - key to optimal execution speed.

Higher level functionality is described in the Linear Algebra Section, the FFT and in the Toolboxes Section.

The Visualization Engine manuals are divided into a Scene Graph API part and a section dealing with the Plotting API.

The Optimization toolbox is documented here.

The complete class reference is found in the online class documentation!


Known Issues and Workarounds

All issues in the current version, schedule for fixes and feasible workarounds are described here.


Other places of help

ILNumerics Support with stackoverflow


Stuck with an old ILNumerics Edition which is not supported by us further? Still fetching ILNumerics nuget packages?

Ask the commuity! Your questions are welcome on stackoverflow: our community is constantly growing. Simply use the tag 'ilnumerics' when posting your question. Please be nice, descriptive, explicit and follow the stackoverflow rules! Once you have learned something upvote and mark the answers. Help other users out if you can  – they will be grateful too!




Found a bug? Have a feature request? Please report it to our support team: 


In the ILNumerics Blog our developers provide deeper insight into the inner functioning of ILNumerics, offer technical solutions for frequent and not so frequent requirements or simply share thoughts and considerations about ILNumerics and related technologies.