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Visualization Engine for .NET (C# and Visual Basic)

This section describes the 2d and 3d visualization capabilities of ILNumerics. The rendering engine has been redesigned to better adapt the development of interactive technical applications and scientific visualizations using C# and .NET. It now provides many features of modern game engines, abstracting away platform specifics and the low level details of computer graphics.

The following features are implemented in the 2d and 3d visualization API:

  • Simple setup.
  • Simple and efficient scene definition.
  • Seamless integration with ILNumerics efficient memory management.
  • Reusable scenes, MVC model.
  • Multiple driver support, robust auto-selection of OpenGL or GDI+.
  • Shader support.
  • Clean multithreading model.
  • Transparent memory buffer sharing.
  • One file, managed only deployment.
  • Optimized for fast general 3D visualizations.
  • Optimized for scientific data plotting (line plots, surface plots, contour plots)
  • Optimized for application development: interactive, extensible, maintainable.
  • Dynamic capabilities: everything is updateable at runtime.

Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide for the Visualization Engine is also found in our tutorials section. Or you can start with the overview on the scene graph here to learn how to create your own scenes. The section specifically dealing with plotting & charting objects contains another quick start guide, too.