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Quick Start Guide

Likewise in all tutorials, we start with a fresh empty Windows.Forms project, set up for ILNumerics (See: Getting Started with ILNumerics).

Plots in ILNumerics are based on a special plot container within the common scene graph. Plot cubes bring their own camera and are not added below the common Scene.Camera node, but straight to the scene:

The plot cube is fully interactive but since there are no data yet, actions like zoom and pan won’t make a lot of sence.

We'll continue this guide with examples for the web code component. Read about the differences to Windows.Forms application development here

A simple line plot is added to the plot cube: 

Flexible options for line style and marker configuration exist: 

Line and scatter plots exist in one, two or three dimensions. Like everything in ILNumerics, they are fully dynamically configurable. 

Surface and Contour plots are mastered the same way:

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