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Scientific Visualization in .NET: 2d and 3d Plotting API

2d and 3d Plotting is used to visualize all kinds of data for purposes like data exploration, charting, and scientific visualization. There's a lot of specially designed software for plotting around; however, plots created with this kind of software often lack both performance and portability. 

All 2d and 3d plots in ILNumerics are based on the ILNumerics Scene Graph for .NET implementation. This offers the user full flexibility to create and customize any plot with C# and .NET – regardless if plotting in 2d or 3d.

This tutorial will introduce the 2d and 3d plotting / scientific visualization capabilities of ILNumerics. Starting with an overview of the main handling of plot cubes we will demonstrate line plots and markers and how to combine and configure them. More advanced plotting objects are also demonstrated.

Learn more about 2d and 3d plotting using C# and .NET in the following chapters: