ILNumerics - Technical Computing with .NET

High Performance Framework for Visualization

and Computing in Industry and Science


Purchasing ILNumerics Licenses

Request a Quote

ILNumerics products are licensed to companies. Purchases are done on an annual base and per single developer seat. If you don't require a quote you can register and purchase your license online. Otherwise, we are happy to send you a quote: 

The purchasing process

1) Please provide us with the following details:

  • Name and address of the company.
  • [EU customers only: VAT ID]
  • Main contracting contact. 
  • Number of developer seats.
  • Which modules are required?*
  • Which licensing model?
  • [If applicable: your trial license key / email address]

[*] Any module referenced by your application needs to be purchased. Ex.: assuming your application references ILNumerics.Computing and ILNumerics.Drawing than the Computing Engine as well as the Visualization Engine are needed and must be licensed. Note that the module ILNumerics.Core is always referenced and a license for it will be added to your set of license keys free of charge.

2) We will send you a quote according to your details. Please sign the quote and send back the copy to us.

3) After we received your purchase order / the signed quote we will issue your invoice. This will contain all licensing and payment information and you can start working right away.


Questions? Get in touch: