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Module Selection

This page lists the ILNumerics packages / modules with their common names. This table helps selecting which modules will be required for your application. 


Packages which you may reference

directly in your project:

Advertise Name Purpose Compatibility
ILNumerics.Computing Computing Engine Includes all base functionality for numerial algorithm authors, includes numpy & Matlab-style arrays, FFT, linear algebra, basic IO.  .NET
ILNumerics.Core.Native Computing Engine (Optional package) Adds optimized routines for x64 on Windows. Windows, x64
ILNumerics.Drawing.Platforms Visualization Engine ILNumerics.Drawing.Panel: Interactive plot control for GUIs on Windows Forms. Windows
ILNumerics.Drawing Visualization Engine Scene graph and all basic plots, for static visualizations.  .NET 
ILNumerics.IO.HDF5 HDF5 Module Convenient interface for HDF5 in ILNumerics. Windows/ Linux, x64
ILNumerics.Toolboxes.Interpolation Interpolation Toolbox Optimized, interpolation routines on 1d..nd, scattered and gridded data.  .NET
ILNumerics.Toolboxes.Optimization Optimization Toolbox Common constrained and unconstrained optimzation routines. .NET
ILNumerics.Toolboxes.Statistics Statistics Toolbox Often required statistical routines and distributions. .NET
ILNumerics.Toolboxes.MachineLearning ML Toolbox  Machine learning basic toolbox. .NET
ILNumerics.Toolboxes.Drawing2 Drawing Extensions More and faster plot types for static and dynamic visualizations.  .NET
Further modules are used as dependencies. Don't reference them directly:      
ILNumerics.Core   Internal use, always required. .NET
ILNumerics.Core.Platforms   Internal use, always required. .NET
ILNumerics.Core.Runtime   Internal use, always required. .NET
ILNumerics.numpy   Internal use, always required. .NET
ILNumerics.F2NET.Lapack   Internal use, always required. .NET