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In this section we will walk you through the basics of ILNumerics to help you get started. Moreover, we will take a closer look at selected topics that might seem challenging at first. Select your favorite article from the navigation on the left.

Interactive web components

To enhance the learning effect, we implemented interactive web components, where you can directly write C# code and visualize results on our website. Hereby, it is important to indicate the small differences between the interactive web components and the Windows.Forms applications, as shown below:

In Windows.Forms applications the scene is set up inside the ilPanel1_Load handler function first. At some point it must be assigned to the ilPanel1.Scene property in contrast to the interactive web component. Here, you only have to make sure that the variable you assigned your Scene object to, is the last expression of your code. The object yielded by the last expression will be displayed.

However, interactive web components are not limited to graphical output. If you want to look at an array, this array must be the return value of the last expression:

In contrast to the two interactive web components from above, this one is actually editable. In the following tutorials there will always be one interactive web components that is editable to guarantee you can experiment.

Note, that you do not have to set up scene, if you are not interested in visualizing data. After the array A is assigned above it is called again and returned in the code. Or you could omit the variable alltogether and just call a function as the last expression. Why don't you just try it for yourself? Assign a valid expression to A and take a look at it.