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Upgrading Version 5 -> Version 6

Version 6 does not bring any API changes compared to version 5. Upgrading is limited to some simple manipulations to your existing projects. 

Upgrading your Developer Seat

  1. In version 6 there is no installer anymore. Uninstall any existing ILNumerics installation from your machine. Use 'Programs and Features'. Make sure that the ILNumerics Visual Studio Extension is uninstalled from all exisiting instances of Visual Studio. 
  2. Install the new ILNumerics Visual Studio Extension from the Microsoft Marketplace:
  3. Open Visual Studio : Tools > Options > ILNumerics > Licenses and refresh your licenses, using your license key / email address. (More)

    Upgrading your Version 5 Projects to Version 6

    Project upgrade:

    1. Remove the ILNumerics_deploy folder, including all content. 
    2. Remove any references to ILNumerics assemblies.
    3. Use “Manage Nuget Packages” to add packages required for your project. See here for deciding which packages are required. 
    4. Clean and Rebuild the project!
    5. [Older projects may require to edit the project file, too: a) Unload the project. b) right click on the unloaded project node -> Edit Project File. c) Remove the following two lines from the project XML: 

    Common Upgrading Hints 

    • Users of the Visualization Engine for dynamic visualization with the ILNumerics.Drawing.Panel control will now require the package ILNumerics.Drawing.Platforms (instead of ILNumerics.Drawing, which hosts all scene and plot objects without dependence on WindowsForms. The panel moved into its own package which depends on WindowsForms.)
    • Classes of ILNumerics.Drawing still expose mouse event handling functionality. Instead of System.Windows.Forms.MouseButtons the ILNumerics.Drawing.MouseEventArgs class now exposes a Button propery of type ILNumerics.Drawing.MouseButtons. This new type is an extension of System.Windows.Forms.MouseButtons and can be used as a drop-in replacement. In most cases where you have been using ILNumerics.Drawing.MouseEventArgs.Button you can simply use the fully qualified name to the ILNumerics.Drawing.MouseButtons enumeration to fix any errors / warnings during compile. 
    • If you are still using 'legacy' .NET Framework projects: we strongly recommend to upgrade to new SDK style projects, PackageReference and .NET 5 or later!! This recommendation is not so much regarding ILNumerics - it works fine with .NET Framework projects. Rather the focus of the .NET development team at Microsoft _obviously_ moved away to .NET 5. We recognized more and more hick-ups and quirks in the toolchain of .NET Framework. After deciding to move over to .NET Core / .NET 5 with all internal tools all suddenly started to fly again ...