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ILNumerics® License Activation

This page shows how to manage your ILNumerics licenses and how to activate your seat for ILNumerics development.


Developer seats need activation for working with ILNumerics. The simplest way to activate your seat is to install the ILNumerics Visual Studio extension. Open Options -> ILNumerics -> Licenses, provide your license key and email and hit "Activate" (or "Refresh"). 

Licensing Overview

In order to develop code with ILNumerics you will require a valid license for each developer, authoring code with ILNumerics modules. Any number of users (Developer Seats) are allowed on a computer as long as each user utilizes her own account on the operating system. However, each developer seat (again: 'windows user') requires her own activation, and may have it own set of licenses. ILNumerics allows multiple seats to live next to each other on the same machine.

License Activation in Visual Studio

Regardless, whether you started by downloading a trial or if you got passed a license key from your manager - start by installing the ILNumerics Ultimate VS extension from the market place! The extension comes with many useful feature, as the Array Visualizer. Further, it makes it very east to overview your ILNumerics licenses and to activate your seat. Note, that the extension itself does not require any license.

The second step is to activate your individual seat in order to start working with ILNumerics. Activation is only needed once for each development seat and after a new license has been purchased / a new module or asset has been added to your seat. The activation step is fully integrated into Visual Studio and actually really simple:

Having installed ILNumerics' extension open Visual Studio and go to:

      Visual Studio -> Tools -> Options -> ILNumerics -> Licenses

Provide your email address and the license key in the text boxes and click on 'Activate'. If you downloaded a trial of ILNumerics, use the same email address as for the download. The license key was sent to you within the email received from us after registering for the trial. Or you may find the license key in the invoice after your purchase. 

Note, that for each activation all licenses currently existing on your seat are replaced with a fresh new set of licenses according to all modules currently licensed to you. You can repeat the activation on the same seat as often as necessary. If you purchased a new module - just come back here and press Activate again. Your email and license key will be there already.

After successfull activation the valid time spans are displayed for each licensed module:

The new licenses are valid immediately. No restart required.

Offline License Activation

The automatic activation process requires a working internet connection on the development machine where Visual Studio runs on. If for some reasons no internet connection is available you can activate the seat in a manual process. This options is available for corporate subscription users.

  1. Open Visual Studio -> Tools -> Options -> ILNumerics -> Licenses.
  2. Copy / note the 'Machine Key' displayed in the lower part of the options page. Consider using notepad.exe or similar to store the key in a text file on an USB removable drive or similar. (Using a pen with a paper is rather error prone, given that the characters in the key must not be confused and are case sensitive!) Also, note the version of ILNumerics currently installed. The version is displayed in Visual Studio -> Extensions -> Manage -> Installed and is required in the format: ?.?.0.0., i.e.: only the first two components (major, minor version) are provided. Other components are 0 (zero).
  3. Find a computer with a working internet connection. Open a browser and log into your account (see below) using your license key and your email address. (On new seats this will also associate your email with the seat.)
  4. Use the machine key and te version (see step 2) in order to activate your seat and download your licenses as a file. Store the file on an USB stick or similar and bring it back to the developer machine.
  5. Back in Visual Studio on the development machine click on 'Import' and point to the stored license file.

This will install the licenses on the development machine and your seat should be ready for development now. Once you expect new licenses to be available after a purchase/ renewal or update simply repeat this process or use the License Activation via Visual Studio directly.

Online License Management

The online license management allows one to manage a developer seat online. It lists all modules licensed for the seat, provides access to both, updates and archived versions of ILNumerics for download and allows for manual activation of such seats not directly connected to the internet.

In order to log into the online license management go to

Use your license key and your email address to log-in to your account. Follow the instructions on-site in order to take the required actions.

Select your seat from the 'Seats' list and review the enabled modules for the seat.

The 'Modules' table lists all modules currently enabled for your seat. Individual time spans and version spans are displayed for each module. If some range happens to be undefined, the corresponding limit is left open, which means 'unlimited'.

At the bottom of the [SEATS] page you find the section dealing with activations of the seat.

The 'Activation' section allows you to list existing activations for the selected seat. Here you can perform offline activation by clicking on 'New Activation'. Follow the instructions to provide the machine key acquired from your development machine (see above). Click on 'Activate' and download the resulting file. It contains al licenses for the seat identified by the machine key and can be imported to the development machine using the Visual Studio IDE.

The 'Downloads' section of your account lists download liks to useful tools, including the ILLicProvider.exe tool. It allows to perform activation on such seats, where no Visual Studio is available. 

Licensing for Your Projects

Once you have activated your seat you can start developing your projects. The build system will automatically track which projects need a license for deployment to non-licensed machines and automatically add the required deployment items to your projects. In most situations you will not have to deal with licensing explicitly. For more demanding situations read about the various uses and licensing scenarios and how to apply them to your setup on 'licensing scenarios'.


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