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About the ILNumerics GmbH

We at ILNumerics think that .NET offers the best tools for creating enterprise applications nowadays. However, when it comes to numerical algorithms and large data need to be processed (like in finance, statistics, engineering), the price for the convenience of .NET becomes relevant: the automatic memory management increasingly gets in the way. That's why C/C++ is still used with all well-known disadvantages of native code regarding development and maintenance. Thus, whenever numerical methods come into play, development periods lengthen and expert level programmers are needed.

ILNumerics paves the way for the future of industrial computing.


We have created ILNumerics to close this technological gap. ILNumerics provides its own memory management, optimized for numerical algorithms, and an intuitive syntax, similar to popular mathematical languages. It automatically parallelizes large parts of your algorithm on multicore systems. In addition to that, ILNumerics uses the extended optimization features of .NET (pointer arithmetic, cache optimization etc.). In this way, ILNumerics allows enterprise developers to achieve high execution speeds for numerical algorithms without any technological gap – directly within .NET.


From the outset, we maintain our connections not only to our customers but also to our partners and supporters from politics and business, see a few of them below.




The Members of the ILNumerics-Team are carefully selected experts in computer architecture, numerical methods and .NET programming. The expertise of our employee and founders helps you to create fast and efficient solutions for your mathematical-problems directly in .NET. To offer you furthermore the most efficient solution, we work every day on our numerous products.


Some current statistics of ILNumerics

ILNumerics begun as an open source project, in collaboration with Technical University of Berlin. After 6 years the project added a closed source, proprietary license in 2011. This was the time the ILNumerics GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany. The Company aims business and academic developers at the same time, supporting projects in the research and development departments of nearly all industrial sectors.