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ILNumerics Array Visualizer


ILNumerics Array Visualizer is a graphical watch window for Visual Studio®. It helps to debug large and big data in technical applications. Its visual representation of arbitrary data helps in protoyping your algorithms, to find bugs quickly,  and to keep the overview of your data. This speeds up the development significantly:


How does this work?

The Array Visualizer is a new tool window for Visual Studio®. It is installed with ILNumerics Ultimate VS and connects to the Visual Studio® debug engine. Arbitrary expressions are evaluated and visualized during a debug session. ILNumerics Array Visualizer acts similar to the Visual Studio Watch tool window - but is ready for large data and gives graphical output. All expressions yielding an array (all languages) and/or a pointer type in C/C++ can be visualized. Depending on the shape of the resulting array individual visualizations become available: tabled text output, line- and scatter plots, 3D surface, ImageSC- and bar plots.

All visualizations are fully interactive, support 2D and 3D views, linear / logarithmic scaling for any axis, pan, zoom and rotation with the mouse. Each view brings further, individual configuration options. Just configure the view for best data insight and watch your data change in each debugger step!

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Who can use the Array Visualizer?

  • C#, Visual Basic, F#, C/C++ and FORTRAN projects. (More languages are soon to come!)
  • .NET 1D- arrays
  • .NET multidimensional arrays
  • ILNumerics Array<T>,
  • C/C++ 1D..2D...ND arrays
  • C/C++ pointer types
  • C/C++ std::vector<T>, std::array<T>, std::valarray<T>
  • FORTRAN arrays and ALLOCATABLE arrays of any dimensionality, arrays of derived types
  • all numeric primitive element types are supported: double, float, int, signed and unsigned (and the corresponding types in other languages). 

The ILNumerics Array Visualizer can be purchased individually. You don't need a license for any other ILNumerics module in order to use the Array Visualizer.


Array Visualizer Licensing