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ILNumerics® provides tools and solutions for engineers and scientists in all industries. Based on modern software frameworks we help to develop and deploy sophisticated technical applications - in a fraction of time.


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Development Tools

Enhance the Visual Studio debugger with graphical capabilities! Our Array Visualizer gives immediate insights into data arrays of any size and dimensionality, for .NET arrays, C/C++ and Fortran. Combined with the Computing Engine ILNumerics turns Visual Studio into a first class mathematical IDE.


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Visualization Engine

Add sophisticated, interactive 3D visualizations to your .NET application! Our famous visualization engine is based on a fully featured 3D scene graph engine. It offers all popular scientific plots, is extendible, beautiful looking and brings outstanding performance.


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Computing Engine

You focus on the math - we do the rest! The ILNumerics Computing Engine gives you a convenient mathematical language and all the common toolboxes, very similar to Matlab & Co. This is all rock solid .NET code, parallelized and ready to get  deployed.  Your results are delivered and run in the fastest possible way.


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