Industrial Data Science
in C# and .NET:
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ILNumerics - Technical Computing

Modern High Performance Tools for Technical

Computing and Visualization in Industry and Science

Industrial Data Science

ILNumerics® enables engineers and scientists in finance, automotive and many other industries to develop, deploy and maintain demanding technical applications. Faster and easier than ever before. Create better, fully scalable results in a fraction of time – and boost R&D innovation now. 


ILNumerics mathematical, array based language drastically simplifies authoring of production-grade .NET algorithms in numpy and Matlab style. Create and run your projects in the fastest possible way. You focus on the math – we do the rest!


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Add interactive 3D visualizations to your .NET applications! With fully featured 3D scene graphs for .NET apps our Visualization Engine offers all popular scientific plots, is extendible, beautiful looking and brings outstanding performance.


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Development Tools

Enhance debugging with graphical capabilities! Our Array Visualizer plots debug data of any size, shape and dimensions on the fly. Monitor and verify your algorithm and find bugs quickly! For .NET and many other languages. 


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Discover how ILNumerics® improves computing in .NET!

ILNumerics is the No.1 framework for professional developers of technical applications on the .NET platform. All in one: Straight-forward syntax, flexible visualizations, full integration into Visual Studio and the fastest performance for stable, numerical algorithms – all at your fingertips. 







ILNumerics® is one of the most popular development tools among innovation-driven companies. Here’s why.


Higher Productivity

  • Straight-forward syntax
  • Easy to learn 
  • Far less code  
  • Next generation debug tools

Better results

  • Maximum performance without expert knowledge 
  • Powerful data visualizations
  • Beautiful code for faster updates and maintenance

Shorter time-to-market

  • Prototyping and software development in one single step
  • Small code bases: less bugs, fewer tests 

  • Seamless integration into Visual Studio and .NET

Future proof

  • API compatible to Matlab®& numpy
  • Supports  large teams and modern software design
  • Scalability built-in
  • Constantly improved and optimized technology
  • Full .NET ecosystem support



More than 10.000 software developers and scientists already use ILNumerics®. Join them!


More than 10 years of development

15.000 documented user projects

10.000 users all over the world


Among our customers are R&D departments in software start-ups and Fortune500 companies, universities and scientific institutions all over the world. Learn how they profit from ILNumerics and discover their projects: for example Weather Analysis, Large Object Detection and FAE Visualization.


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