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"I never thought our data would look this nice!"


I am a researcher in the Sea-Air Interactions Laboratory, P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences (SAIL IORAS).

In SAIL we are interested in the extreme processes of the interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and in climate dynamics. We collect and compute large sets of data to analyze weather phenomena. Naturally, we need a robust and reliable software to manage and visualize all this data. In some projects we also need fast and state of the art tools to compute, analyze and cluster complicated sets of data.

Mikhail Krinitsky - Research Associate at Sea Atmosphere Interaction and Climate Laboratory

We used to develop our own programs in Fortran and also used more high-level tools and languages like R, NCL, MATLAB, etc. It is really a powerful set of languages and tools but the more we develop our lab-made executables and small programs the more we understand that we need some fast and powerful way to do a number of special things that shouldn’t get that much time to develop, adjust, tune and debug.

We do the Math - ILNumerics does the Rest

ILNumerics provides us with exactly the tools that cover that kind of our needs. With this tool we even started some new projects that we wouldn’t have thought about before!

But the visualization part of ILNumerics really blew me away. On the first day of playing with it I knew I had made the right choice. I was so excited about the beauty of the plots and graphs I wanted to tell the whole world. I’m really excited about how my data is presented now. I never thought the data produced by our lab would ever look this nice!

Here at SAIL we’re really satisfied to have ILNumerics as our partner for computing and visualization. It makes our research easier and we can focus on our core expertise as scientists!

Weather analysis tools created at SAIL – enhanced by ILNumerics

Weather analysis tools created at SAIL – enhanced by ILNumerics