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ILNumerics Toolboxes Overview

All functions in the toolboxes are found as static members of  the corresponding static classes exposed by the individual toolbox assemblies. Each toolbox comes as an individual assembly which is delivered with the regular ILNumerics install package and available for individual purchase. Next to the information found in subsequent sections, the class documentation is another useful source for further details.

Interpolation Toolbox

Complete set of flexible, highly optimized functions and interpolation objects for interpolation of gridded and scattered data from gridded and scattered data. All popular interpolation methods are supported: linear, neighbors, cubic, polynomial, various splines. In addition you'll find kriging interpolation for scattered data very useful.  Read more.

Optimization Toolbox

Minimization (or maximization) on general nonlinear functions and problems.

  • Nonlinear unconstrained solvers: BFGS, L-BFGS
  • Nonlinear (bounded, equalty, inequalty) constrained solvers: BFGS, L-BFGS
  • Nonlinear equation and least squares solver: Powell’s dog leg, Levenberg-Marquardt

Read more about the Optimization Toolbox.

Statistics Toolbox

The most common functions for statistical operations and several random number distributions are included. Read more about our Statistics Toolbox.

Machine Learning Toolbox

A number of machine learning algorithms are provided. Every algorithm is optimized for both: memory consumption and execution speed. The range of algorithms spreads from supervised to unsupervised algorithms and each provides a convenient variable parameter list.

Read more about our Machine Learning Toolbox.

Drawing2 - Plotting Extensions

The ILNumerics.Toolboxes.Drawing2 implements several new objects for higher level plotting and visualization purposes, like bar plots, spline line plots, a fast surface implementation, and area fill plots. Read more