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Exporting Data During Debugging

Visual Studio gives great options to inspect data in your debug session. However, exporting data for use in other environments, to generate plots of the data and export them in various formats is not easily possible out of the box. ILNumerics Array Visualizer fills this gap. It let's you create scientific plots of your data and export them into a large number of popular graphic, vector graphic and data exchange formats. 

The Export Menu

The Array Visualizer lets you export your debug data in various ways. The type of export depends on the currently selected output type. For text output the values will be exported in number formats. For graphical outputs images will result.

Email Export

Send a snapshot of the current state of your data to someone by email! Clicking on "Email a Friend" will open up your favorite Email client (tested with Outlook only) in authoring mode. The email will have an attachement with the png version of the currently displayed image.

File Export

Use the "Export To" menu to export the data in one of the following formats:

  • PNG (pixel graphic)
  • JPG (pixel graphic)
  • BMP (pixel graphic)
  • SVG (vector graphic, useful for PDF generation)
  • MAT (Matlab version 6, binary number format)
  • HDF5 dataset (binary number format)
  • CSV (comma seperated text format)
  • TXT (plain text, similar to the text output)

Clipboard Export

Data from the current output can be copied into the clipboard easily. For image output types, the clipboard contains the bitmap data in a format which can be pasted into any applicable application / document. 

Having selected the Text Output tab, the "Copy to Clipboard" menu wil copy the data in a format instead which can readily be pasted into Excel.