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Redistributing ILNumerics® with your Applications

When it comes to distributing your application, built with ILNumerics components, one must make sure to also distribute all dependencies needed by ILNumerics at runtime. 

General Recommendation

Since ILNumerics is distributed as set of nuget packages, you can utilize the "publish" build feature in Visual Studio in order to let Visual Studio and nuget collect all required dependencies automatically. The "publish" target does also include any native dependencies required by a package (if any). See below for additional info!

A list of all modules / packages is found here.

Further Dependencies

3rd party dependencies:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime (Visual Studio 2013) MSVCRT120.dll is additionally required by the package ILNumerics.Core.Native. It is recommended to install the VC runtime binaries via the official installer packages, which are available at: