Fresh 3D Plotting API for Programmers and Scientists (CTP)

ILNumerics opens the Community Technology Preview for a new 3D Plotting API for interested users. Fetch the package from here:

The API is already pretty stable. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to be done until the final release. Please report back any issues and comments! Your feedback is highly appreciated and gives you the chance to considerably influence the development at this early stage! Simply use the commenting feature here on this blog or mail to: Thanks!

EDIT 2013-05-27: The newest release preview is the second official Release Candidate for Version 3:

Since a relevant group of users encountered problems with buggy OpenGL drivers, we have tried to make the OpenGL rendering more robust. The current RC especially handles the buggy implementation of gl_ClipDistance[] on GT 3xx (M) NVIDIA cards. Some of them suffer from the lack of updated drivers since 2011 because NVIDIA does not plan to provide updates for Hybrid Power technology with Intel chipsets … :| The newest version expects a stable and standard conform implementation of OpenGL 3.1. On errors encountered it will switch to a more error tolerant shader version automatically.

We would apreciate any feedback – does this version run on your hardware? Does it produce any errors? Does it correctly fall back to GDI on unsupporting graphics cards ?


EDIT 2013-05-30: Due to a lot of very useful feedback and bug reports, we prepared another update for the release candidate. No new features, we just made it more stable and robust against driver issues. So the ILPanel now always tries to establish an OpenGL rendering context. It even tries to circumvent common driver issues. If everything fails, it automatically switches back to plain GDI+ rendering as a last resort:

Please keep the feedback coming! :) Thanks