Lang.NEXT 2012

I know, it is almost obligatory to show overwhelming excitement on every upcoming ‘trend technology’ conference. But this time its not a play! The Lang.NEXT 2012 in Redmond exhibits a truely interesting list of speakers and projects. One being Julia (I talked about ‘her’ in my last post). Others are:

  • IKVM.NET – enabling Java applications to run on .NET
  • Roslyn – a more than promising approach to expose an API to the C# and VB compiler services, making them more attractive for runtime utilization and
  • Dart – ‘A Well Structured Web Programming Language’ by Google

But there are also talks about C++11 and ECMAScript 6 and … Just too many to get to know really. ‘Luckily’ I never really felt excitement for functional related stuff. So its easier for me to concentrate on the ‘rest’. but its not fair. Those F# projects do deserve your attention as well. And of course D will be online on the Lang.NEXT also.

Lang.NEXT 2012 starts tomorrow. I will definitely spend some time on the recordings and eventually report back here as well.