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LLVM everywhere

F#News today published some efforts to utilize the impressive power of the LLVM compiler suite from within F#. The attempts did not turn out to be mature nor stable yet – but it marks some potential of utilizing multi level compilation for runtime optimization: Use high level languages to formulate your algorithm and let lower level optimizations translate your algorithm into highly efficient (platform specific) code. The attempt demonstrated in the post mentioned above still does not sufficiently hide the internals of LLVM. A truely comfortable library would offer a switch to the user only: UsePlatformOptimization - on/off. It would then be the responsibility of the library to transform the high level algorithm into valuable input of the optimizing framework.

LLVM is not the only interesting target for such optimization scenario. Another target is OpenCL. However, most graphic card vendors and Intel (dont know about AMD?) rely on LLVM for their OpenCL implementations already. So it appears there is no way around LLVM …