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Known Issues

Did you encounter something odd in ILNumerics? Please read the following list of known issues and proposed solutions before considering to report the problem to our support team!

Known Problems in Version 4.12

Visualization Engine: camera view ignores custom values for ZFar and ZNear in orthographic projections. Instead of custom values '100' is assumed for ZFar and '1' for ZNear respectively.

Known Problems in Version 4.11

The Windows Forms designer in Visual Studio causes a license exception when trying to drag an Panel on a new form and the developer seat was equipped with a Visualization Engine license only. It does not happen when the Computing Engine was licensed as well. The problem will be fixed in 4.12 and can be worked around by manually adding the panel to the form:

Known Problems in Version 4.9

A license compiler warning is created during build: "\ILNumerics_deploy\ILNImports2.targets(57,5): warning MSB6004: The specified task executable location "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v10.0A\bin\NETFX 4.6 Tools\x64\lc.exe;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v10.0A\bin\NETFX 4.6.1 Tools\x64\LC.exe" is invalid." The *.lic license file is not correctly generated and not embedded into the application.


This problem occurs in version 4.9 only, if more than one .NET version is installed together with Visual Studio 2015: .NET 4.6 and .NET 4.6.1 and when targeting the x64 platform. A fix is provided in this issue: The solution is repeated here:

Please replace the auto-generated ILNumerics_deploy/ILNImports2.targets file from your project with the one attached to this issue. The solution must be manually applied to all projects created with ILNumerics version 4.9. Projects created under ILNumerics 4.10 or later are not affected. Successfully compiled licenses generate a line in the build output similar to:

Licenses compiled to: [...]\ILNumerics_deploy\ilnumerics.lic

Known Problems in Version 4.8

I did a manual activation of my seat but my assemblies seem to lack the embedded license after deployment.

Make sure that the following registry string values exist in your user registry view:



The license key must hold your license key. The email address must correspond to your email address. Both are string values below the .\ILNumerics_Ultimate_VS\ key.

The data are automatically written when using the "Refresh / Activate" process within the ILNumerics Licenses option page in Visual Studio. However, for manual activation, one needs to add the registry values manually.
Edit: This problem was fixed in version 4.9. The license data need to be specified during import now.


I am working on Visual Studio 2010 Professional only. When I try to build my project, Visual Studio complains about some 'MSBuildArchitecture' parameter which is unkown. 

This problem appears on VS2010 projects and if there is no other (newer) Visual Studio installed on the system. The solution is to locate the ILNumerics_deploy\ILNImports2.targets file in your project and to remove the line with the "MSBuildArchitecture" parameter. You will find two occurences. Afterwards, the project will compile normally. Edit: This problem was fixed in version 4.9.

In Visual Studio 2015 when debugging UnitTest projects in C# the ILNumerics Array Visualizer occasionally refuses to evaluate expressions. An error message is displayed stating that the expression cannot get resolved.
This is a known issue. We are working on a solution. The Array Visualizer works fine for code being executed in the context of the following projects: Executable (Windows Application), Windows Forms Application and Library (DLL).
The ILNumerics_deploy folder is not created for my projects. Hence, the assembly does not run on non-licensed machines. I have tried to reinstall, reopen the solution and to rebuild - but no luck.  
All reported cases so far were using solution folders. They currently prevent our plugin from recognizing the ILNumerics projects. This problem will be fixed in 4.9. Workaround: temporarily create a new empty solution, open the affected projects via "Open Existing Project" and build (this will create the ILNumerics_deploy folder and prepare the project for distribution). Afterwards, back in your original solution reload the project and continue as usual. Edit: This was fixed in 4.9.