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Licenses and Prices

Maintenance Subscription, 1 year

ILNumerics is licensed per Single Developer Seat as an annual maintenance subscription. A subscription enables 12 Months of efficient development with the selected ILNumerics modules. A subscription allows to execute and distribute your developed results without limitation in time or number. While under maintenance subscription we'll provide you with updates and support.

When the subscription ends you have 3 choices: renew your subscription, use your perpetual option (perpetual development with a specific version of ILNumerics) or simply continue using your unchanged project code.

Available license options and prices depend on your company size. 


Startup* * up to 10 employees


  • 1 activation1)
  • selected modules
  • updates2)
  • Accelerator3)


  • Support: 299 €
  • Renewal, 40% discount6)


Online price:  from 499 €  

Small Business* * up to 50 employees


  • 2 activations1)
  • selected modules
  • updates2)
  • support, 1 ticket
  • Accelerator3)


  • Renewal, 40% discount6)


Online price:  from 998 €  

Corporate**  up to 200 employees

– Our recommendation !  –


  • 3 activations1)
  • selected modules
  • updates2)
  • support, 2 tickets
  • Accelerator3)
  • Large team support4)
  • Large team discount5)


  • Support tickets, 299,- EUR each
  • Renewal, 40% discount6)
  • Perpetual development  (add-on, 1 version)7)
  • Online / offline purchase8)


 Our price: 

from 1.273 €#   # 15% initial set-up discount!

Enterprise *  for all company sizes

Enterprise licensing offers additional, optional benefits: 

  • Accelerator hosting on premise
  • Site license (unlimited seats) 
  • Source code available
  • individual agreement
  • perpetual development


We know your demands and offer flexible prices & conditions. Get in touch!


Notes: 1) One activation is required to develop code with ILNumerics on each operating system user account. Multiple activations may exist per Single Developer Seat - as long as only one developer is using the license associated with this seat. 2) updates are provided free of charge to all users under maintenance subscription. 3) ILNumerics Accelerator compiler is a unique solution to execute numerical array codes under efficient, automatic utilization of all compute resources. It can be used to increase execution speed of regular array algoritms created with ILNumerics Computing Engine. Find all details here: ILNumerics Accelerator compiler. Access to the compiler is given to all users under maintenance subscription. 4) ILNumerics utilizes a modern library license management. It prevents you from dealing with runtime license servers or from having to buy licenses for all team members. Read more details here: licensing scenarios. 5) Up from 3 identical developer seats prices go down! The discount is applied automatically during online purchase.​ 6) Renewing your active subscription is possible in the online shop and witihn the last two months of the subscription. During renewal your current activations are extended for another year. Renewals include a 40% discout to the full seat configuration. 7) An optional Perpetual Development add-on can be specified during online purchase. It removes the time limit for development use for one pre-selected version of ILNumerics. The version must be selected from the range of ILNumerics versions released and is specified during the subscription purchase. An activated Single Developer Seat equipped with the perpetual add-on can continue authoring code with the selected version of ILNumerics even after the maintenance subscription ran out. 8) prices displayed are valid when purchasing from the ILNumerics online shop and for credit card payment. Corporate and Enterprise customers may choose to receive quotes and invoices and to send purchase orders and pay by wire transfer. In this case prices may differ.

Read all terms and conditions in the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA)

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What's the deal with activations? 

1 activation = 1 computer OS account

Activations included:
Additional activation price: 1.795
For how long do you want to use the licenced version of ILNumerics for developing software?

12 Months or perpetual development (one version)? 

 Which modules do you want to license?

Prices include -15% initial set-up discount!
Computing 499
Visualization 499
Visual Studio Tools

incl. Array Visualizer

















Your Price per Single Developer Seat:

Price for all seats:  5.385
Renewal (optional, all seats, within 12 Months): 6.462

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Special Licenses and Discounts

Personal Single Developer Seat 

For non-commercialprivate use on one single computer. For one year, all modules of ILNumerics can be used by a private individual, without being instructed by or associated with a commercial organization. Favorite choice for students!

48,00 EUR / Year, online purchase. Including updates, no support. 1 activation on a single computer. 

Development/ execution/ distribution: 12M / 12M / --.

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