ILNumerics - Technical Computing Tools

High Performance Framework for Visualization

and Computing in Industry and Science



ILNumerics: Accelerate your IT department

Free your team's time by using a modern high level managed language for your software projects. Your team can focus on their core expertise and ILNumerics will manage all the hard stuff under the hood. Your team will be more efficient, will get more projects done and will get them done quicker. Quick development cycles increase the turn-over frequency of your projects and will benefit not only your customers but also your company. You reduce the costs of your projects and increase your company's profit while your customers get better, quicker and more frequent updates.

ILNumerics: Simple and Easy

Support your team with a simple syntax quick and easy to learn and identical to widely accepted conventions. Your team will hit the ground running for ILNumeric's smooth learning curve. Full integration with Visual Studio, all .NET languages and all major file formats will get your project of the ground in no time.

ILNumerics: High Performance Computing

Get the most out of your hardware without even thinking about it. Built-in parallelization with a highly efficient memory management make ILNumerics the most efficient and fastest computing library in the .NET world. Don't worry about new hardware. Your code will just work out of the box.

ILNumerics: Flexible with many extensions

Benefit from the rich .NET framework with all kinds of extensions. In addition, we offer specialized toolboxes for specific tasks. Managed solutions will help you focus on the tough challenges you face and not get side-tracked.