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Radiation Pattern Visualization

Directional, spherical radiation measurement data is read from a CSV file and is converted to a parametric surface. Magnitude data forms the height of the sample points on a sphere and is additionally encoded as the color of the sample points. The deformed 'sphere' is placed onto a 'ground' area (RectangleFilled) and can be fully rotated / translated interactively with the mouse. Lighting is enabled by default.

Note, that the sphere is not fully closed, since only data for the angles 0...359 are provided.

The Camera is configured so that the pattern surface is placed into the center of the scene, together with the center of rotations with the mouse.

Variation: the data can also be visualized by means of a regular Surface. This would lead to a view similar to this image:

Radiation Pattern as non-parametric Surface

Last modified: August 26 2021 09:19

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