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STL Model Viewer (.NET 5.0, WindowsForms)

This app serves as a working STL model viewer. It loads the famous 'bunny.stl' (C. Stanford, included) at startup. The model is viewed in a regular Camera node, i.e.: one can interact by rotation, translation, panning and zoom.

Other models can be loaded from STL files. For display a Triangles shape is used. Lighting is enabled.

Single clicking on the model with the left mouse performs picking on the object and displays the 3D coordinates of the point clicked in the forms title bar.

The example demonstrates the setup of ILNumerics Visualization Engine in a WindowsForms project on .NET 5.0.

Note, that a license is embedded allowing to compile the unchanged project. Get a trial license in order to modify the code: download trial.

Last modified: August 25 2021 18:29

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