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Colormapped Circles with PlotCube

The example creates a number of circle objects, based on ILNumerics.Drawing.Circle. The circles are placed within a PlotCube instance and are displayed as plotting objects. Scaling and axis handling works just like for regular plot objects.

The fill color for the circles is determined by mapping a certain value associated to them to a color by help of a colormap. For this example, the distance of the circle to the center in the X/Y plane is used for selecting a color from the colormap.

A colorbar is created and displayed next to the plot cube. It shows the range of values and the colors assigned to them.

Note how the circles receive regular plotting features: the functionality of the plot cube is retained (rotation, panning etc.). Also, the circles are placed in 3D space, hence become assigned a z-position: their order is clearly visible when rotating the plot cube.

Last modified: August 26 2021 09:17

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