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Colormapped Circles with ILPlotCube

The example creates a number of circle objects, based on ILCircle. The circles are placed within an ILPlotCube object and displayed as regular plotting objects. Scaling and axis handling is just like regular plot objects.

The fill color for the circles is determined by mapping a certain value associated to them to a color by help of a colormap. For this example, the distance of the circle to the center in the X/Y plane is used.

A colorbar is created and displayed next to the plot cube. It shows the range of values and the colors assigned to them.

Note how the circles act like regular plot objects: the functionality of the plot cube is retained (rotation, panning etc.). Also, the circles are placed in 3D space, hence get a z-position. One can clearly see the spacial order by rotating the plot cube.

Last modified: February 28 2018 13:36

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