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Custom Scene Objects and Colormaps

This class creates a custom drawable object (derived from ILNumerics.Drawing.Group) which holds a number of points for rendering. The resulting object is special, because its type will be populated to the synchronized tree. Instead of the common base types (Group), this class adds all overloads which are necessary in order to find the actual type (ColormappedPoints) in the synchronized render tree at runtime. The type can be supplied with any logic which is executed at runtime in this synchronized version only. This is interesting in order to give the object an individual interactive behavior, as one example. Here the object provides all needed data to the colorbar, hence serves as a genue ColormapDataProvider. (This is for demonstration purpose only! Use the Colorbar.ColormapProvider property to assign a static colormap provider object!) This example may serve as a starting point for own scene graph object implementations.

Last modified: August 26 2021 09:41

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