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HDF5 Fill Dataset iteratively

This example demonstrate how to sequentially write to H5Dataset. An imagesc plot is drawn, filling the whole form area. The user will drag selection rectangles on the image data. Every time the dragging is ended by releasing the left mouse button, start and end positions of the mouse are appended to an HDF5 file. The common selection rectangle is reused for the dragging operations. However, it is reconfigured so it will not trigger a zoom event and the scene stays static.

Concepts explained: Creating HDF5 files, creating HDF5 datasets, Locating datasets within H5File, determining the chunk size of datasets, determinining the size of datasets, writing to datasets as partial writes, expanding datasets by appending to an existing dataset content, creating imagesc plots, controlling the data screen size for rendering plot cube content, deactivating certain standard mouse event handlers for plot cubes, handling mouse events by use of custom mouse event handlers.

Last modified: August 25 2021 18:29

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