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Efficient Rendering of Large Data (Colored Cubes)

25000 individual cubes are created. Each cube is positioned at random 3D coordinates. All cubes are rendered by a single Triangles shape. Wireframes are rendered by a single Lines shape. Vertices for both shapes are sharing the only PositionsBuffer with positions data for all faces (triangles) and lines.

The cubes are lit and capable of assigning individual colors / normals to the corner of each face. I.e., the vertex data for the corners of each cube are not shared among the faces of a cube. While more efficient vertex layouts are available, they are not used here for demonstration purposes: A productive application will hardly require more data to render / store for each cube. So you can use this app to evaluate your performance requirements.

Setup of the cubes data (positions and colors) is efficiently performed by ILNumerics Array features: subarrays, reshape, repmat and broadcasting of multidimensional arrays.

Run the app in Release mode without a Debugger attached and notice, how responsive zoom, rotation and panning operations are!

Last modified: August 25 2021 18:29

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