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2D Heatmap on a 3D object with ILNumerics (C#/.NET Example)

Sometimes you record sensor data from a set of sensors. The sensors may or may not be positioned on a regular grid. They might be tagged to some arbitrary 3D object. This example creates a 3D object in a regular scene (cylinder). A surface plot (without a plot cube!) is created based on individual X,Y,Z and color values. It visualizes the heatmap from the sensor data. The surface is 'wrapped' around the 3D object. This simulates the visualization of sensor data from a sensor grid on a 3D object.

Note that the specification of X,Y and Z data allows for any shape of the "sensor surface plot". However, be careful when using a too large grid! The colors will be interpolated automatically between adjacent sensor grid points. Such interpolation works as barycentric interpolation, it does not interpolate over the values of the colormap! Therefore, in order to prevent from such aliasing, one may needs to up-sample the sensor grid in a higher resolution. Interpolation.interp2 or Interpolation.kriging() can be used for this.

Last modified: August 25 2021 18:29

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