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Array Properties

Calculations in ILNumerics are based on arrays of type Array<T>.

Arrays provide the following members (examples below):


C, clone the array (shallow, fast lazy copy):

Concat, concatenation:

Dispose(), manually dispose the array (rarely needed):

Equals(), compare shape and array content:

ExportValues(ref T[]), export to system array:

GetLimits(out T, out T), retrieve maximum and minimum value for numeric arrays:

GetValue(params int[]), retrieve single element as system type:






IsComplex, true for complex element types:

IsNumeric, true for numeric element types:

Length, length of longest dimension:

Name, arbitrary name:

Reshape, returns reshaped version:

SetRange [] = ..., alter the array:

SetValue, [] = ..., alter single element:

Shifted, return copy with dimension shift:

ShortInfo, short textual summary:

S, Size, size descriptor (rank, element count, singletons, ...):

Subarray, [], create subarray:

T, shift dimensions by 1 (matrix: transpose):