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STL Model Viewer (.NET Framework, WindowsForms)

This app serves as a working STL model viewer. It loads the famous 'bunny.stl' (Stanford, included) at startup. The model is viewed in a regular Camera node, i.e.: one can interact by rotation, translation, panning and zoom.

Other models can be loaded from STL files. For display a Triangles shape is used. Lighting is enabled.

The example demonstrates the setup of ILNumerics Visualization Engine in a WindowsForms project on .NET Core. After download and extraction, make sure that the required dependencies are referenced from the GAC: ILNumerics.Core, ILNumerics.Computing, and ILNumerics.Drawing. See: getting started.

Note, that a license is embedded allowing to compile the unchanged project. Get a trial license in order to modify the code: download trial.

Last modified: August 25 2021 18:29

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