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Accelerator roadmap 

This page is under construction. Following, additional functionality is planned for ILNumerics Accelerator: 

  • support more functions / function categories: 
    • low-level / elementary functions: 
      • all of and
      • complex & fcomplex element types
      • boolean functions: any, all, lt / <, eq / ==, ... 
      • type conversion functions
      • ensure exact same segment semantic as for ILMath / numpy handling of NaN, keeping of reduced dims, empty / scalar arrays, ...
    • higher-level functions:
      • linear algebra (lapack), fft
      • implement toolbox functions 
  • enable more auto-optimizations: 
    • automatic (in)dependency detection in loops
    • automatic loop transforms
    • better binary broadcasting segment switches
    • even more useful kernel code specializations
  • enable / improve automatic mode
    • improve cross device scheduling efficiency 
    • make recovering from buggy OpenCL GPU drivers more robust
  • improve latency hiding 
    • file caching of kernels