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Interpolation from Gridded Data

In many applications in various technical fields, measurements are performed on a large number of positions. Often, these positions expose a regular nature regarding their positions. If such data are created in a grid this information can be utilized in subsequent data processing steps in order to gain efficiency and save significant computational efforts. This section and below articles deal with source data which form such a grid. If your data is not ordered in a grid you may see the articles about scattered data or one-dimensional interpolation instead.


Gridded data interpolation is classified into the following categories:

  • Gridded Query Points. If possible, additional effort is saved if multiple new data need to be computed from the source grid and the new data expose a gridded nature as well. This case is described in the article Interpolating Grids from Gridded Data.
  • Scattered Query Points. In a more general case, new data points are interpolated from an existing grid of data and the new points are scattered arbitrary.

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