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One - dimensional Interpolation in .NET (C#, Visual Basic)

This section deals with one-dimensional interpolation in ILNumerics. The Interpolation Toolbox provides the full feature set of various, popular interpolation methods. Several interfaces are available for individual situations. The functional interface focusses on convenience and ease of implementation. Interpolator objects are specialized for such situations, where highest performance is important.

Functional Interface

All functionality of the Interpolation Toolbox is accessible via static methods of the ILNumerics.Toolboxes.Interpolation class. For one dimensional interpolation, two methods are exposed: interp1() and spline(). These methods are described in detail in the next section.  

Interpolator Objects

All one-dimensional interpolations are implemented in individual interpolator objects. The functional interface creates and destroys these objects under the hood. For situations where highest performance is crucial users can create and use such Interpolator objects directly. Read more!


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